Orion® CBX62 Combination Dry Pump

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2-cylinder, Dual Function Compact and Lightweight Pump


Continuous Operating Pressure
60 kPa or less
(CBX62-A-01B not inclided)
Continuous Operating Pressure
60 kPa or less
(CBX62-A-01B not inclided)
Flow Rate
1115 L/min (60 Hz)

2-cylinder (vacuum and pressure) design allows simultaneous vacuum and pressure operation for individual vacuum and pump pressures below 60 kPa.

Compared with exsting Orion models, the CBX line offers smaller size and lighter weight in an easy to use package.


Model CBX62- 01B-G1 (V,B Specifications) A-01B-G1 (VB,VB Specifications)
Designed Pumping Capacity (50/60 Hz) ※1 L/min Pump 1: 935/1115
Pump 2: 935/1115
Pump 1: 935/1115
Pump 2: 935/1115
Continuous Operating Vacuum ※2 kPa (max.) 60 55/35 ※4
Continuous Operating Pressure ※2 kPa (max.) 60 20/50 ※4
Piping Connection Size   Rc 1
Motor Voltage (50/60 Hz) V 3-phase 200 / 3-phase 200, 220, 230
Standard Motor Current Rating (50/60 Hz) A 15.4/14.4, 13.6, 13.6
Operating Noise Level (50/60 Hz) ※3 dB 78/79 -
Built-In Motor kW 3.7
Mass kg 112

※1 - Designed pumping capacity: Theoretical value calculated from cylinder volume. Refer to "Performance Data" for actual flow rate.
※2 - Operable range of vacuum (pressure).
※3 - Operating noise measured on a new pump with an ORION recommended motor running at normal vacuum/pressure conditions. Operating noise levels are from a position of 1 m in front of the unit and at a height of 1 m.
※4 - Maximum combined output per cylinder (max. vacuum/max. pressure): Pump 1: (55 or lower / 20 or lower), Pump 2: (35 or lower / 50 or lower.)

※ Operating environment (inlet air) conditions: air temp: 0 to 40℃, humidity: normal levels (65±20%).
※ Allowable intermittent powersupply voltage flucuation range is ±10% of the specified voltage; allowable sustained supply voltage fluctuation range is ±5% of the specified voltage.
※ Please install an overload protection device (such as a thermal relay).

Note: If detailed specifications are required, please Contact us to request a specifications sheet.